System requirements for Premiere Pro CS5

Adobe Support Forums by Harm Millaard Adobe has on its website the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5: System Requirements. Unfortunately, this overview is severely lacking in realism and a lot of people were disappointed when their system met these minimum requirements, but still would not do what they expected, or at least not without jerkiness, hiccups [...]

More random, mindless speculation about the new Final Cut Pro

Some of that rumor/speculation has hinted that FCPx might indeed be more iMovie like, doing away with things like the Viewer/Canvas 2-screen view and replacing the long standing NLE tradition of 3-point editing. As a matter of sacrifice for the readers of the world, I spent the weekend editing home movies in iMovie ‘09 just [...]

Red Giant Colorista II Review

Tej’s Tech Blog Red Giant was gracious enough to allow me to test-drive Colorista II. Building and improving on the original in every way, Colorista II is ac color grading plug-in for Final Cut Pro users. Colorista II also supports Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Colorista II gives you the ability to grade with Primary, [...]