Opinion: Thunderbolt on the new iMacs is great

Thunderbolt on the new iMacs is great, but there’s nothing to use it with – Super-fast transfer protocol yet to show its power Last week, Macworld Senior Editor Roman Loyola and I arrived at Apple bright and early for a briefing about the latest generation of iMacs — the same four 2011 iMac models we [...]

AJA Ki Pro Mini field report

AJA‘s Ki Pro Mini is a portable video recorder that gives older, cheaper cameras new life by recording their footage as digital files in Apple’s high-end ProRes codec. All you need is a camera that can output its image via HD-SDI or HDMI. Just attach the Mini to the camera, and you’re ready to enjoy [...]

In Review: AJA Kona 3G

AJA is now shipping the latest update to its top of the line Kona series, the Kona 3G. Capitalizing on the power of the Kona 3, the Kona 3G adds 3Gb SDI input and output to match with the latest devices offering this high-speed SDI protocol. This is in addition to its earlier feature set [...]

Mac Conversion Utility Now Available for Roland VR-5

(Bellingham, Washington–May 19, 2011) Roland Systems Group (RSG) has released a Mac image converter utility for the popular VR-5 AV Mixer. This newly released software allows users to convert still images, video and audio into and from the format used by the VR-5’s internal SD card-based player and recorder.