Native Format Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

The promise; the reality; how to do it. In the past few years, a barrage of new video acquisition formats and recording methodologies have sprouted like mushrooms after the rain. The major shift has come in the form of tapeless, file-based acquisition that uses equipment that has its roots in the information technology industry. As [...]

Final Cut Pro X Rundown

Deconstructing the Las Vegas Supermeet Sneak Peek video First off Final Cut Pro X is a new application. It is not an update to FCP 7. I think that many, including me, will continue to use FCP 7 along with FCP X after FCP X arrives. I hope that there is a workflow between FCP [...]

Avid 5.5 Review

Avid recently released a faster and more powerful Media Composer with Avid Media Composer 5.5. With this latest new release I was anxious to get my hands on this latest iteration, and thanks to the good people at Avid they made that a reality.